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    Our owner, Chris Durfee was a “military brat” turned Navy SeaBee. He “grew up” in Panama, Rep de Panama. He graduated joined the Navy in 1986. He has deployed to Japan, Scotland, Guam, Spain, Turkey, Iraq, as well as Puerto Rico. He moved to Florida in 1994 and has been here ever since. Chris ended up in Tallahassee in 1998 and this has been home since that time.

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  • Chris previously ran his own home maintenance business then during the economic downturn, decided to close up shop and began working as a Chief Engineer for the Cabot Lodge followed by a Marriott property after the Cabot was sold. After working long hours and quite an unpredictable schedule, Chris decided to open his own business performing home inspections. He had the required knowledge from his work background, and did very well on his certification exams. Not only is he certified with the state, he is nationally certified as well and is also a certified radon measurement technician. Chris is also fluent in Spanish.
  • Chris knows most of the ins and outs of a home structure and feels that, “Not everyone, when buying a home, may know what to look for. This is a big ticket item and investment in the customers lives. I want to make sure they have as much information about the home they are interested in buying so they do not end up regretting the decision because they did not have all the information.”

    Advice for Clients: Ask questions! Do not be afraid to ask anything, of the realtor or myself. Even if the question seems mundane. Trust in the background and knowledge of your realtor. If there is something about the home or the inspection that you wish to have clarified, ask… I will be more than happy to answer, but the realtor is your Go-To-Source for information.

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